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Virtual Reality - 360 Videos - How To View

What is a 360 video? - Great question! A 360 video is a video that places YOU, the viewer in the middle of the action! You will never be closer to the action, unless you were right there with the models!

How do I watch 360 videos? - You can watch 360 videos on your computer with a compatible media player, you can view on your computer with a compatible headset, you can view on your smartphone, and you can view on your smartphone with a compatible headset. Whew!

Why would I want to watch 360 videos? - I asked myself the same thing, until I put on my Oculus Rift and immersed myself in Virtual Reality. I couldn't believe how close to the action I was! It was like I was right there with the models, so close I could reach out and touch them! For optimum viewing experience a headset is strongly recommended.

Is a 360 Virtual Reality video the same as a 3D Virtual Reality video? - I know it sounds confusing, and it can be hard to find all of the right information in the same place, so let me help!

A 360 video is NOT the same as a 3D video. There are 3D - 360 videos, but we are not filming them at this time. With a 360 video, you are immersed in the scene, and when you move the phone, or move your head with a headset, you move the field of view - so in essence, the camera moves to where you are looking! This is accomplished with a front facing camera and a rear facing camera, and software that stitches the two shots together to give you a 360 degree shot!

A 3D video uses two front facing cameras to record the scene and shows the same image over both eyes to give you the 3D effect that you may have scene in the movies. It is also VERY cool - and if we have a positive response to the 360 videos, we will look into 3D as well!

How do I watch 360 videos on my mobile phone? - First you will need a current smartphone. Most of the Android phones, and Apple Iphone's can view 360 videos. You can test out your phone by going to Youtube and searching for a 360 video and watching it there. If you are going to buy a video from us, you will need a mobile app that is capable of viewing the video. I recommend Mobile VR Station which can be found HERE for Apple IOS and HERE for Android. You will then save your video to your phone and view locally. I have an Iphone, and I saved the files to my Dropbox, or Google Drive, and pointed the Mobile VR Station app to the directory of my Dropbox. Android is probably different, I am unable to test.

For optimum immersion we also recommend purchasing a headset for your phone. You can get very inexpensive ones staring around 8 dollars like the one found HERE or very nice one for a Samsung phone HERE.  

How do I watch 360 videos on my computer? - You can view your video on any compatible media player. I recommend VLC 360 Player which you can download HERE. You can move the video around in the player with your mouse and keyboard to look all around the scene, just like if you were in the room!

For optimum immersion we recommend using a headset and a PC capable of supporting VR. I use an Oculus Rift which you can find HERE - that will also allow you to play VR games as well as viewing VR content. There are other options that I will not go into here.

Can I order a custom 360 fetish video? - YES! We would love to hear your 360 video ideas - this is cutting edge technology so you won't find much content out there, we hope to be one of the pioneers of the new age when it comes to producing quality, custom content, so let's make a movie!