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Daphne and Demi are getting ready to go out for the night.  Daphne had told Demi to lock the door, and she forgot. Since the door was left open, Layla could enter and KO’s Daphne. Daphne awakens to find herself tied to a chair with bubble wrap. She is then cleave gagged with bubble wrap as well. 

When Demi returns home, and finds Daphne tied up, as soon as Daphne’s cleave gag is removed, Daphne blames Demi for not locking the door! Demi is then KO’d by Layla as well!

Demi is then tied up facing Daphne, but instead of rope, Demi is tied with yellow caution tape. 

When Layla leaves, both girls try to escape and both girls blame each other for being in this predicament! 

Running time – 13:44



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