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Whitney and Nicole are best friends and lovers. They are making out in their bed in their favorite lingerie. The girls start playfully wrestling in the bed when a masked man shows up and throws Nicole over his shoulder. Whitney has hired this thug to teach Nicole a lesson. He carries her into the living room where Whitney removes Nicole's panties and lingerie while he holds her.Whitney pulls Nicole's hair and taunts her while the thug holds her. Whitney covers Nicole's mouth with her hand, kisses her mouth and licks her belly and feet while the thug holds her in several positions. Fireman's carry, over the shoulder, and various other ways.

The thug puts Nicole down and Whitney mounts her from behind in a painful camel clutch while Nicole cries out for her to stop. Whitney then covers Nicole's mouth with her hand and kisses her. After 4 minutes of this, Whitney KO's Nicole.The thug picks Nicole's limp body up in his arms again while Whitney worships Nicole's tanned, naked body. The thug then picks Nicole up over his head and holds her there while Whitney worships her. He also holds her upside down. Eventually Whitney ties her up and they carry her to the bedroom.Nicole is tied to the bed with a Hitachi between her legs. Whitney is going to her to have multiple crushing orgasms. She turns the Hitachi on and Nicole starts to moan, while Whitney kisses her and covers her mouth with her hand while Nicole cums.

Nicole is brought to orgasm after orgasm by Whitney, tied in several ways while Whitney kisses her, sucks her tits and makes out with her, while the Hitachi vibrates Nicole's now throbbing pussy. Before every orgasm, Whitney covers Nicole's mouth and she cries out in pleasure through Whitney's fingers. Whitney is now in complete control of Nicole.

Nicole is brought to several more orgasms by Whitney, tied in a new position each time. Whitney is finally satisfied, and Nicole can barely move after so many made orgasms. Just when Whitney is going to untie her, the thug bursts in and grabs Whitney from behind . Whitney struggles, but she is obviously no match for him. He carries her from the room and then returns for Nicole, her, and carries her out as well.

Running time - 57:02





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