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*Daphne arrives home from the beach to find a package in the mail. It's a big ring! She gets on the phone with her girlfriend and tells her all about it. As Daphne tries on the ring she is suddenly struck dumb! She stares vacantly ahead. She answers the door and it's a boy that she went to school with. You see, this boy, everyone made fun of in school for being so smart, but he's designed a ring that will put anyone he wants under his control, and it's time to pay back that stuck up bitch Daphne! He makes Daphne break up with her boyfriend on the phone and to completely humiliate her, he makes her masturbate on the couch while calling his name.. "Yes Master!" while he videos the entire thing to put on the internet later.Later, Daphne has no idea what happens as she's on the phone and all of her friends see her embarrassing video on the internet!!

Running time – 9:30

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