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Heather arrives home from work after a really long day. She is on the phone with her girlfriend Kaylee who is giving her a very hard time and all Heather wants to do is get in the bath and go to bed. After a heated argument there is a knock at the door, and Daphne stand in the doorway. Daphne explains that it is in Heather's best interest to let her in. Daphne has a DVD that she needs to show Heather, the girls go to the bedroom where a TV is. The DVD is sexy tape of Heather and her girlfriend, and Daphne is blackmailing her!She wont leak the sex tape if Heather does what Daphne wants, because Daphne is jealous of their relationship. Heather is blindfolded and Daphne straddles her from behind and handcuffs Heather's hands behind her so they are grinding against each other. Daphne begins to kiss Heather's neck from behind and eventually removes her bra. The handcuffs are removed briefly so she can finish undressing Heather and she starts to make out with her it is a trick though and Heather punches Daphne out, and explains that is now her turn!

Daphne awakens to find herself tied to a chair and blindfolded as well.  Heather is now taunting her and rubbing her body and kissing her neck from behind. How does she like it!! She explains that what she is going to do is leave her there and go to her house and get the other DVDs so she cant blackmail her. Daphne pleads with her to not do this, and to just leave Kaylee and be with her. Heather removes Daphne's bra and panties and teases her some more with a vibrator on her pussy. While this is happening Kaylee has arrived and opens the door and sees what is going on!! She is furious at the girls wanting to know what is going on! Heather tries to calm her down explaining that it is not what it looks like, but Kaylee isnt buying it. Kaylee directs Heather to bring in another chair and put the handcuffs on behind her back so now Daphne and Heather are tied next to each other. Once Kaylee is sure that both girls are secured, she removes her clothes and blindfolds Heather.  Kaylee mounts Heather and starts to make out with her while Daphne listens on, her vibrator still going. After several minutes Kaylee grabs a and covers Heather's mouth. She then approaches Daphne, mounts her and begins to kiss her. After a few minutes Daphne is also . It is time for Kaylee to make the girls pay now.

Daphne and Heather are now tied to the bed, back to back, with each other arms tied around the other. They are both blindfolded and have face masks covering their mouths. The girls struggle to get free. Kaylee then appears fully naked and removes Heather's blindfold and face mask and starts to make out with her while Daphne struggles behind them. After several minutes she duct tapes Heather's mouth and repeats the treatment with Daphne. Daphne is then duct taped and Kaylee grabs a pair of vibrators and places them on both Heather and Daphne's pussy! Both girls struggle not to cum, but their own bodies betray them as Kaylee holds the vibrators on their sensitive clits while kissing their bodies. Eventually, the girls are left to struggle on the bed together. 

Running time – 44:14



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