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Agent Daphne has been sent to capture Frank, she infiltrates his house and quickly apprehends him with a few well-placed blows and cuffs his hands behind his back. While Frank is kept down his partner gets the jump on Daphne and grabs her from behind.

Daphne is incapacitated and tied up to a chair in her winter garments. Johnson takes off Daphne’s boots and starts to worship and lick her feet.

Daphne is then undressed and the men take turns holding and tickling her trying to get the information on who sent her. Daphne doesn’t talk and Johnson throws her over his shoulder and carries her around the room.

Daphne is then tied up on the couch and tickle interrogated once again.

Still not talking, Daphne is lead to the shower where she is tied up and hosed down with freezing cold water.

Daphne is then lead back to the living room and Frank asks Johnson for some privacy because Daphne seems to be making advances towards him. The two begin to make out and Frank grabs her crotch but it’s all al ploy to get him alone! Agent Daphne chops him in the throat and kicks him to the e ground.

Waiting for Johnson to make his return the naked agent jumps on his back and puts him in a tight er hold when he comes to check up on them. He tries to break loose but her grip is too tight and soon is he out cold.

Agent Daphne then ties up both villains before getting dressed again and heading back to headquarters.

Running time – 42:06



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