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*Custom Video Script *Whitney is wearing a sleeveless shirt - any color other than white or black... I don't care what pants she wears.She is sitting on the couch and calls on her cell phone to turn herself in for a warrant she got in the mail.. she kept failing to respond to jury duty requests. The phone call is very brief 30 seconds or less.Then two guys (they both have to be males - I don't care how they look) she up.. they sit down on either side of her on the couch and ask if she's ready to go. She says yes. Then they both grab her (TIGHT) on the upper arms.. each guy uses both hands on her upper arms - one hand higher than the other (like in the other videos) - and as usual - hold tight (I can tell when it's loose) - but not so tight that she is getting hurt. When the guys grab Whitey, she looks surprised. She argues with them while sitting on the couch for a minute.. she's turning herself in voluntarily so she doesn't understand why they have to hold onto her arms.. they're making her uncomfortable.. it's embarrassing.. it's unnecessary.. but it's procedure, they have to hold her. After a minute on the couch they stand her up. She asks to use the bathroom. They walk her to the bathroom. She uses the bathroom. Then when she comes out, she sort of sarcastically offers her arms to the guys and they grab her again. Throughout this video she has no objection to being arrested.. and she doesn't struggle physically.. she just doesn't want her arms being held. Plenty of footage of her being escorted/perp walked. They walk her to the car. Throughout the video hold her the same way - both guys use two hands on upper arms. So when they get to the car, they put her in the backseat and she sits between the two guys in the backseat and they continue to hold her... now she thinks it's really ridiculous because she's sandwiched between them in the car so it's ridiculous that they continue to hold her. Now listen folks.. have them sit like that in the backseat for at least 60 seconds.This whole scene should take around 8 minutes.Next scene - she is wearing a different sleeveless shirt - has hair in pigtails. Two men come to take her into witness protection.. this time they each grab her with one hand on the upper arm by the armpit and the other hand on the wrist. She thinks it's ridiculous that they hold her arms. They escort her to the door. 2 minute scene at the most.Last scene is an interview with Whitney for a few minutes.First, please summarize the two scenes and what was going on.Second, was there ever a time in her life that she had two guys hold her arms at the same time under any circumstances - what happened and why.Third, what does she think of the fetish of two men holding a girl's arms? Had she ever thought of it before? Does she think it's strange? Does she sort of understand it? Be honest, I can take it.

Running time – 12:47



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