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Rachel and Whitney are searching for Laney's evil plans. When they stumble upon their nemesis, Laney, they order her to come with her. Laney has other plans though and zaps them with a magic ray! The two girls suddenly spin around and start twerking uncontrollably! After a while Laney orders, them to obey their every command. We return and fine both girls in serving outfits, Whitney in blue, and Rachel in a maid outfit. Whitney is being used as Laney's foot stool as Rachel serves her drinks. She then orders Rachel to clean her boots while Whitney kisses her. Then both girls worship her boots, and then her ass! While all the girls are distracted Laney's partner decides he wants to have some fun and grabs the ray and zaps all the girls! They all start to twerk like cray before he orders them to meet him in the bedroom. 

Running time – 14:34



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