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Kaylee Danger plays the role of Citizen 327984 and Rachel a government clone. Kaylee has been captured and is being interrogated by the clone for refusing to enroll in the mandated government health care plan, the mandated government clothing, her mandated government grocery list, in fact, Kaylee is not cooperating with her government at all even though they obviously know what is best for her. Rachel is going to root out the cell of rebels if she has to tease it out of Kaylee. Kaylee isnt going down without a fight though, she isnt going alone with this government bullstuff any longer! Rachel clone leaves the room to get her interrogation device and Kaylee breaks free!Kaylee must escape from the government holding facility and there are three Rachel clones in her way!Lots of great holds and female fighting as Kaylee liberates herself from the facility, showing the tyrannical government that she isn't some sheep that will follow along with their mandated plans!

Running time – 19:42

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