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Vanessa is answering an ad she has found online for some power tools. She enters the warehouse, and is greeted by a man holding a violin. She asks about the instrument, and he says that he plays and plays her a little tune. Not wanting to be rude, she says it was nice, and asks about the tools. He is a little offended by her attitude, and again asks to play for her. She refuses and states that she has somewhere to be. They decide on a sale, and the man goes off to grab Vanessa a box for her tool. Instead he comes back . She struggles and coughs, but is soon laying on the floor. He crouches over her, and has her to listen to his song...

Vanessa awakens, tied to a piece of machinery. She has duct tape over her mouth and she is very frightened. The man looms over her and tells her that she should not have been so rude, and have agreed to listen to his music. Now, instead they get to listen to the sweet music of her cries. She struggles against her ropes for some time, until he returns with a drink that she is offered. She refuses, and he insists, and she spits the drink in his face. Enraged, he delivers a vicious backhand and she is KO'd.

A ball gag is placed in her mouth, and he tells her that now the real fun begins, that he has the perfect power tool for her, as he places a vibrator down her panties, and switches it on. Vanessa awakens as she feels the toy on her clit, and she struggles against the ropes trying to escape but her own body betrays her as a huge orgasm rips through her, and she bucks against the machinery.

With no time to recover from her release, the man returns.

Vanessa awakens once more. She is now in her bra and panties and tied to a chair. The man returns and taunts her as he runs his violin bow up and down her half naked body. She trembles with fear and he watches her struggle, enjoying the show. He then comes up behind her and roughly grabs her breast and runs the vibrator up and down her legs before placing it down her panties again.

Once more, she tries to fight against the orgasm, and he holds her down as she is brought to another huge release. He lets her go and watches as she struggles again with the ropes as the toy vibrates against her swollen clit.

Vanessa awakens this time to find herself tied to the table, ball gagged again, with the man standing behind her. He taunts her some more, and grabs her tits violently while grinding up behind her, holding the vibrator against her naked pussy. She moans and squirms against him... she can feel his hard cock against her ass. This is what he has been waiting for... As her final orgasm is released she is completely exhausted and is caught unawares.... Now she can enjoy his music forever...

Running time – 29:02

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