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Hannah is late for her costume party and she is dressed up in a very small and revealing schoolgirl outfit. She misplaces her phone and searches her car for it unsuccessfully, and when she returns to her house, she realizes she locked her house keys inside. She is barefoot, and painfully steps on several rocks on the way. She leaves for her party and is shortly pulled over by an officer who subjects her to multiple sobriety tests in the freezing cold. He makes her do all of the tests on her tip toes, with lots of close ups on her French pedicure. Not satisfied he brings Hannah in for some punishment where she is tied overhead, her skimpy outfit cut up and a Hitachi tied to her crotch. She is made to stand there on her tip toes while the Hitachi is placed on high and vibrates on her clit. Hannah is brought to multiple 100% real orgasms!

Running time – 24:40



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