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Josie has been invited over to Professor Jezabelle’s house for a private study session after school. Her friend Ryan warns her that something is wrong with the teacher, and she fears that she might even be a vampire and accompanies Josie to her house.

When the girls arrive, they notice a few strange things but soon the Professor gazes into Ryan’s eyes and uses her powers to have Ryan grab something from a different room so she can seduce Josie.

Josie is brought into the vampire’s bedroom where the vampire uses her powers to have Josie strip down and kiss her body before feeding on the young student.

Ryan arrives in the bedroom to find her friend drained on the bed and attacks the vampire!

The vampire is too quick for Ryan and soon Ryan is under the vampire’s powers and is also stripped down and fed upon.

Jezabelle then awakens Josie who is now a fledgling vampire and gives her a first meal, her friend Ryan!

Running time – 25:53



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