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Peyton is investigating the disappearance of her friends at a woman’s house who she suspects is a vampire. Vampire Jezabelle soon has Peyton under her spell and is under the vampire’s control.

Peyton is briefly able to break out of the vampire’s magic and tries to fight her, but the vampire dodges her punches with ease and assumes control once more. The vampire has Peyton strip down to her bra and kisses her neck, gently, enjoying the thrill before the feed. She is left a on the couch.

Peyton awakens and realizes what happens and tries to stake the vampire in her bed while she s, but with a burst of magic from the vampire’s gaze, Peyton is rendered immobile and now the game is truly on.

The vampire kisses on Peyton, feeds on her, rubs Peyton’s crotch, and has Peyton kiss and pleasure her as well before eventually turning Peyton into a vampire herself and allowing the fledgling to feed upon her powerful blood!

Running time: 22:49



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