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Jae, Nicole and Laney are applying for an internship at a new job. All the girls really need the job. They are made to read the dress code and rules for the job.  The boss isnt pleased with their jeans and casual attire and makes them beg for the job.  The next day the girls show up in proper business attire, with skirts and black pantyhose.  The boss watches them work, and they think that he is kind of creepy as he stares at them. He makes them read the rules of the job, which is pretty much to be obedient, be his sex whore and whatever he wants. They start to leave when reading that line, but when they read how good the pay is, they change their minds, as they really need the money. The girls sit down, and cross their legs, take their shoes off before the boss asks for their next task..

He asks the girls to kiss each other, and as per the rules which state they have to be obedient, they start to make out for him. The next day the girls are working on some paperwork when some papers drop on the ground. When the boss walks in and sees the girls on the floor he is outraged. He punishes the girls by making them crawl around on all fours with the paperwork in their mouths! Later on the girls are on the couch and the boss has something else in mind. He wants the girls to make him cum by asking him to stroke his dick in front of them. He looks at their sexy work attire while they tell him to stroke his cock while they rub their legs. They start to make out in front of him, and he finally blows his load!

Running time – 36:43



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