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Daphne is a traffic cop and has no idea that Piper has been watching her, waiting for the right moment to tell her about her girl crush on her. Piper watches Daphne drive off in her car, with her tight blue jeans, leather jacket and hand cuffs. She finds a reason for Daphne to pull her over, and waits in her car for Daphne to approach. When Daphne asks to see Piper's license, Piper tells her to get her sexy ass in the car. Daphne asks Piper to get out of the car, and Piper gets out, and attacks Daphne! Piper quickly has the upper hand beating on officer Daphne against the car. Daphne is totally beat up and Piper laughs uncontrollably! She kisses up and feels up Daphne against the car and picks her up and throws her onto her hood where she takes off Daphne's belt, ties her legs together and cuffs her hands with her own handcuffs. Piper puts Daphne in the car and drives her back to her house.

Daphne is carried into the house and thrown up against the wall where Piper presses her body up tight against Daphne's and kisses her neck. Daphne is then thrown to the bed and stripped out of her jeans to leave her in the pink bra & underwear! Piper mounts Daphne from behind and pulls her head back by her hair while fingering Daphne's pussy through her panties. Piper then pulls Daphne on top of her and wraps her legs around Daphne while rubbing Daphne's pussy under her panties! Daphne eventually has a mind blowing orgasm and is out. Piper rolls her up in the blanket and carries her from the room.

Running time – 16:49



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