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Frank has invited Nicole and Laney back to his house for a big party.  The girls are waiting on the couch wondering where all the guests are, and they get really snotty with Frank. Frank tells them this is a theme party and has them put on collars. They oblige and he pulls out his phone and shows them his special app. You see, with a push of a button, he can make them do whatever he wants! He tells them about it, and tells the girls maybe they shouldn't have been such stuck up bitches to him in the first place as he makes them to embarrassing things, like stick out their tongues and remove their clothes while dancing to music. The girls are totally embarrassed and under Franks total control. Frank then has them go to the next room and put on French Maid outfits and has them start to clean his house, and they are powerless to stop it!

The girls are scrubbing the kitchen on their hands and knees in their French Maid outfits, beyond humiliated at this point! Frank lets them know the other power of the collars, with the push of the button, he can turn them into mindless zombies! He pushes the button and the girls eyes glaze over and their arms are outstretched. They now refer to his every command as Yes Master as he makes them clean the rest of his house. Eventually he has them kneel down in front of him with their arms outstretched and takes them by their collars, and leads them to his bedroom

Running time – 29:24



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