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Whitney and Demi have entered a messy gameshow. They are blindfolded with a set of rubber boots in front of them. There are many tin cans of food on the table with letters next to them.  The girls pick several letters, and the tin cans are dumped into their boots of the matching letters. The girls then have 60 seconds to guess which foods are in their boots, using just their feet and sense of smell.

Each correct answer nets the girls one point.

Round two begins and each girl writes down five foods on a list.  The object of this round is to guess which foods the other girl will have on their list. For each correct answer the girls get to pour out the can into a bowl, for incorrect answer, the food is poured down their shirt.

Loser of the game gets covered with all of the food that was remaining and food that was in the bowls – what a mess!

Running time – 34:56



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