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Scene 1 starts out with Jenny returning home from work; she's wearing a skirt, pantyhose & heels. She was supposed to steal secrets from the company she works for, however she hasn't done it. She takes off her jacket and sits down at her computer, when the person who wants these secrets appears, scaring her. He (she?) demands the secrets, but Jenny tells them she doesn't have them, and is thinking she might not be able to do it. The buyer says he doesn't want her running away, and has to hobble her. She's told to stand up and take off her shoes, and choose which foot. She chooses, and the buyer breaks her foot. The scene ends with her clutching her foot, and she hops away to the hospital.Scene 2 starts out a day or two later. She's wearing jeans with pantyhose underneath, her injured foot wrapped over the pantyhose, and a sneaker on her non-inured foot (no shoe on the injured one). She has some crutches, because she can't put weight on her hurt foot, and is hopping/crutching preparing to leave the state. As she hops into another room to get something, the buyer returns, and takes her crutches. She hops around looking for them, but runs into the buyer again. The buyer wants to know what she's doing, and she says she can't do it. She tries to get away, but is easily stopped. The buyer grabs her hurt foot, and breaks two toes to show her the trouble she's in. It ends with her hopping back to her computer, trying to locate the information.

Running time – 29:34



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