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   Daphne's "Photo shoot"Daphne went to a so called fitness photo shoot.  She arrived at the shoot, planning to take some pictures and to get paid.  When they began the shoot the photographer insisted that Daphne show more skin, so he could get a better look at her muscles.  She was hesitant but she really wanted to get the job.  Then he kept asking her weird questions like, if she thought she was stronger than him, and if she thought she could take complete control over him, and how she would feel if she could.  Then the camera man offered to teach her how to do a wrestling move called the leg scissors.  He said with her legs this would be a good move for her to know.  So they got on ground and he taught her the move.  While teaching her he touched her inappropriate.  She got really mad so she used all her strength in the leg scissor.  She took much pleasure in taking complete control over this perverted man.  She finally let him go and asked for her money but he said no, so she took him down again.  This time she did it harder, until he agreed to pay her, he begged for mercy, he tried to get Daphne to stop, but she was in control, he was being taken down by a girl.  This clip is based on true events  

Running time – 11:23

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