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Kaylee Sixx is getting ready for a big show at the arena in her dressing room. She preps in the mirror gives her best Billy Idol Sneer and blows a line off of a mirror. Kaylee's assistant Daphne tells her that they are ready for her to go on, and we can hear the closing band and crowd in the background. Kaylee is interrupted once more by the door opening and she yells again for Daphne to leave her the fuck alone. But it isn't Daphne, It's Frank, her ex bassist, and he's fucking pissed! You see, Kaylee ripped off a bunch of his original stuff and then fired him from the band.He hand gags her and throws her in the corner and she is KO'd cold.She wakens to find herself tightly bound and gagged.Frank explains how he was hurt and double crossed and throws her stuff across the room. He leaves to prep his car because they are going for a ride, and Kaylee tries to break free. Frank returns and throws her over his shoulder and leaves the building and puts her in the trunk of his car where we watch her struggle. He arrives at a secluded field where he is going to end her show once and for all, but she manages to loosen her ties and get the drop on him! Tables are turned Frank and Kaylee closes the show on this disgruntled band mate.The show must go on!

Running time – 12:34



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