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Chloe would be an hit woman hired by the wife of a rich oil merchant. The wife had married the guy thinking he would quickly but that had not happened. Chloe would be dressed as an innocent schoolgirl and seduce him back to her place, this makes him drop his guard - so he's comfortable letting her tie him up for her fantasy. Once he is fully secured she tells him about how her wife hired her to take him out. She slowly takes her panties off and secures them around his face & tells him there's a heart-attack drug on them, she just needs to get him exited. She pressed them into his face while she straddles his chest and grinds into him, getting excited. The pressure makes it hard for him to breathe - this goes on for a few minutes She keeps going for a bit till she orgasms, then she stops and checks his pulse before getting off.

Running time – 9:28

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