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Daphne stars as "The Green Hornet" and Lily stars as the evil villain "Cyanide"

The Green Hornet has found Cyanide's lair and is about to enter to rid the world of her evil once and for all. She does not know that Cyanide has placed ancient relics of powerful evil among her hideout that will slowly drain the hero of her powers.

Our story starts out with Cyanide talking to her sidekick Horace, the skull of the last super hero that tried to interfere with her plans. She tells Horace that The Green Hornet will never escape her this time, that there is a trap waiting for her in a box marked "Top Secret" poison gas in fact.

The Green Hornet enters the hideout and immediately feels her powers begin to weaken. She must find the source of the power drain and fast if she is going to have any chance of stopping Cyanide. She makes her way upstairs and finds the black box. Opening it, she is blasted in the face with a puff of poison gas. She clutches her throat, gags, and slowly goes down.

After our hero is safely out, Cyanide enters gloating over the prone body. She drags her from the room, and ties her tightly to a chair. Her powers significantly weakened, The Green Hornet is unable to break free from the ropes and struggles to no avail.

Cyanide enters and tells her that she is going to die, and runs up and down her body, taunting her. She wraps her gloved hands around our hero's neck and squeezes until there is no more movement. Cyanide shows Horace her evil work, gloating over the death, but then realizes that she won't stay out for long, and leaves to start the second half of her trap.

The Green Lantern awakens after several step-moments, and is able to free herself from the ropes. She makes her way back to the bedroom where the "Top Secret" box was located to find a way to stop the slow power drain..The Green Hornet enters the room and glances inside when suddenly Cyanide enters behind her and throws her to the bed.

The girls battle it out on the bed exchanging powerful blows but eventually Cyanide gets her legs wrapped around our hero's waist and puts her in a crushing er hold. Realizing that The Hornet's powers are coming from her outfit, Cyanide strips her down and ties her spread eagle to the bed. She lets The Hornet struggle with the ropes for several minutes enjoying her futile efforts.

Cyanide then mounts our hero and toys with the sharp knife up and down her body, relishing the fear that is pouring off of The Hornet. She takes the edge and toys with The Green Hornet's nipples, slowly tracing circles around them, as The Hornet cries in terror. But like all good things, this one must come to and end eventually.

Running time - 28:36

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