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Let me introduce to you... Sally. Sally is quite the naughty girl as you can see. "Sweet Dreams" is a movie where Jenny and Sally play as friends who decide to try kissing a bit. Jenny has never done it before and gets uncomfortable when it goes too far.The girls just decide to call it a night, and when the lights go out the dreams start. Each girl has quite a different dream, and Jenny's is sweet and passionate, just like she thought being with a girl would be. now Sally on the other hand... well, that's a different story entirely. The girls' dreams continue. Jenny's is still sweet, but very passionate at this point, where Sally's dream, takes a drastic turn towards the dark when she has finishes with Jenny, her gloved hands wrap around Jenny's throat...Jenny wakes up from her dream, startled. it was all just a dream... wasn't it?

Running time – 29:46

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