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*Custom Video Script*I imagine Supergirl getting lured into a trap by several people in possession of kryptonite. As she arrives, she can feel the impact of its proximity, but manages to use her superpowers before they are drained from her body. She uses super breath on the villains,who are completely overpowered by the first mighty gust coming from her super lungs. Supergirl literally pins them to the wall with her hurricane breath. But she's getting weaker and weaker, and the villains manage to come closer, only to be pushed back by the next gale puff of breath. But her super breath is less and less powerful, and eventually the villains manage to get to her with the kryptonite...They take her to a secret place where she is stripped and abused. They tell her that she will have to give the villain boss a blow job when he comes back. Unfortunately for the villains, the kryptonite's effect is weakening and Supergirl's powers are coming back to her. But she is not showing it right now, as she wants to see who is the villain's boss. She suffers through the humiliating treatment, until finally the boss shows up. At first she let's him think he's in charge and is about to get some super-head. But then she gets up, throws the villains around with her super strength and walks up to the boss, telling him that he will get the blow job of his life. She unleashes a mighty gust of wind form her sexy lips, which throws the villain around, picks him up again holding him by his throat in front of her, blowing her super breath at him, letting go and watching as he sails through the air. She destroys the entire place with her hurricane breath, and walks away confidently...

Running time – 8:16

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