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Scarlett arrives home to find a strange orb on her table. She picks it up wondering what is is, and soon her hand is stuck to the table! She can’t move it! Roxy arrives home shortly and wonders why Scarlett is acting so strange and is soon convinced of Scarlett’s dilemma when she tries to push her over but Scarlett just won’t budge!

Roxy decides to take advantage of the situation and cuts Scarlett’s clothes off of her since she is unable to move, and kisses all over her, as well as rubbing her clit until she cums!

Unfortunately, Roxy has touched the orb as well, and soon her hand is stuck to Scarlett’s pussy and she is unable to stop rubbing it!

It looks like the girls are just going to have to make the best out of a sticky situation!

Running time – 19:57

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