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Daphne & Piper are two snobby little school girls that have picked up a nasty habit of smoking in between class. Their psychology professor has offered to help the girls break the habit by putting them under suggestion. They laugh at the idea but are willing to try it as they don't want to get in trouble with their parents. He has Daphne lie down on his couch and his deep soothing voice soon has her a. Piper also has nodded out listening to Daphne's treatment. He starts with simple ideas such as how hot it is in the office, and the girls ask if they can take off their clothes. Soon they are undressed and his real fun starts, suggesting that they find each other's necks very sexy and are immensely turned on by each other. He also has the girls position each other in humiliating poses like "I'm a little tea pot" and "Ymca"Before letting them go, he plants one more idea, that they will find him so sexy when they see him in school...This video contains lots of "Yes Masters", Suggestive Ideas

Running time – 16:57

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