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Part One: Daphne is sitting in room reading(wearing tight singlet, tight pants)when there is a knock at the door, she answers and Natalie walks in(wearing tight singlet and tight pants)they have brief chat about how Natalie is a personal trainer and how this is Daphne's first training session with her, and Natalie mentions she is looking forward to seeing how fit Daphne is by going for a jog, Natalie suggests they do some stretches first and as they are stretching Daphne waits until Natalie's back is turned during a stretching exercise and asks if she can book a session for tomorrow, Natalie replies that she is 'all tied up' tomorrow testifying as a key witness in a court case against a criminal but can book her in for the day after(as she is saying this Daphne pulls out a ..hidden in her clothing) to Natalie's head ,pins her arms behind her back and says 'yes you will be all tied up tomorrow bitch'.

Natalie asks what's going on and Daphne tells her to shut up and has Natalie to sit down on a chair, there is a bag next to the chair with rope in it, Daphne then ties Natalie up on screen, wrists tied behind her back, ankles tied together, tied above the knees and rope wrapped above and below her breasts(during this Daphne explains she is the girlfriend of the criminal she is testifying against and she isn't going to let her a bitch like her put him in jail)Natalie promises she will not testify if Daphne lets her go but Daphne merely says 'now to gag that big mouth of yours' and cleave gags her .Daphne then says she is going out to visit her boyfriend before the trial tomorrow and leaves the room leaving Natalie to struggle for about a minute before scene fades out....Part 2: Daphne walks back in and tells Natalie that without her evidence her boyfriend will be set free and that once he is free they will have some fun with her before selling her off to a overseas lord as a sex slave, she tells Natalie she needs some nice pictures of her as her buyer will want to 'see the assets' before sending money, she knocks out Natalie until she is KO'd and scene fades out.

Next scene has Natalie tied to a pole or post, she is wearing a black bra and black panties only, she has her hands tied behind her back, ankles tied, rope tied above her knees and rope above and below her breasts tying her to the post, she is cleave gagged again, she struggles as Daphne walks in holding a phone/camera and starts taking photos saying 'we will get a good price for you slut' and then suggests a bit of would be good fun, she gets a bottle of water and tips it over Natalie's body(from her neck down) and tells Natalie is going to get a tasered for punishment when Daphne receives a text on her phone, she reads and smiles saying to Natalie the fun is only postponed as she has to do something but will be back in half hour and walks out, Natalie struggles for about a minute or two and scene fades out..Part 3: Daphne walks back into house and goes into room where Natalie was tied up but discovers she has escaped, says 'what the fuck' and then is grabbed from behind from Natalie who puts the .. to her head and says 'found you bitch' Daphne slumps into her arms and scene fades out.. next scene shows Daphne tied a chair wearing only her bra and panties, hands tied behind back, ankles together, rope above knees and rope wrapped above and below her breasts and cleave gagged,

Natalie tells her that she is going to enjoy putting her boyfriend behind bars tomorrow and that she deleted the photos she had of her and had replaced them with photos of Daphne and that people were coming tonight to take her away instead, Natalie laughed, grabbed a bottle of water and tipped it over Daphne's body and said to her 'karma's a bitch aint it' and walked out, leaving Daphne to struggle for about a minute then scene fades out..

Part 4: The rescue of Daphne.Natalie receives a call from one of Daphne's associates that she is to exchange money in an envelope in her letterbox for Daphne at a given address or her family will be hurt...Natalie agrees out of fear and heads to address. The scene starts as she walks into room where Daphne is being held. Daphne is tied arms over head, wrists together with rope to the ceiling and her ankles are tied, she is cleave gagged with loops of rope and also has loops of rope around her head over her eyes acting as a blindfold, Daphne is topless and only wearing panties.

Natalie looks around and sees no one else, she places the envelope on a table next to Daphne and proceeds to untie her, she explains to Daphne about the instructions she was given, once Daphne is fully untied she says..'thank you.but the money isnt the exchange, you are, and grabs Natalie, pins her arms behind her back and says , I will need your clothes, and scene fades out.

Scene starts with Natalie tied up arms over head, wrists together to ceiling and her ankles and thighs tied together with rope, Natalie is wearing a bikini top and bikini panties only, Daphne is wearing Natalies clothes and taunts Natalie saying her step-brother will get a retrial and will get out as the star witness has decided to go on a permanent holiday. Natalie pleads to be let go as Daphne gags her onscreen by putting a bit of cloth in her mouth and then putting a tight otm gag on her using black pantyhose/stockings, Daphne then wishes her a nice trip, grabs the envelope and walks out, Natalie struggles for about a minute and scene fades out

Running time – 26:04



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