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Jenny is a photography student who is following up on some extra help with her photography teacher from school.She arrives at the studio and instructor Star tells Jenny that one of the main reasons she teaches the class is that she loves to photograph nudes.Jenny starts to talk about how girls in the class have dropped out since they have all gone missing. Star says that they were delicious as she licks her lips. Jenny thinks she is just joking and makes an offhand remark.Star goes on to explain how she had help eating them with her other lesbian friends Venus and Moon. .Jenny soon undresses and Star is obviously aroused. Star tells Jenny as she grabs her perfect ass how Jenny's ass makes her stomach growl! Star soon undresses as well and tells Jenny a story about eating earth girls. Jenny still thinks that Star is joking until her mouth opens up abnormally wide and she starts to devour her whole!!!

Running time – 15:06



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