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OK I cannot believe That have the nerve to ask me on date, with that little dick. Didn't even know that was a penis! I was actually quite offended, when we were making out and I didn't feel you getting, hard I was getting offended, thought you didn't think I was sexy! Man was I wrong! HAHAHa! You have the smallest dick I've ever seen, I mean what do you do with that thing, finger and thumb it all day long, cause I know I sure as hell, don't ever want to touch it! eeww! I recommend you get a penis pump or something, but don't take that out around a girl ever again, Its embarrassing..for you! I don't think you understand, this big beautiful sexy ass, needs a real dick to get me off, not that puny, good for nothing dick of yours. When its soft, it looks like you have 3 little balls! hahaha

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