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When Daphne’s friend Rachel confronts her about her odd behavior, Daphne plays it off and says nothing is wrong. Accepting her answer, Rachel turns away and is set upon at once by Daphne. Rachel struggles but can’t stop the inevitable and is quickly out.

Daphne returns with some pick bondage tape and ties up Rachel tightly. She is going to have some fun with her friend. Rachel screams for help but Daphne covers her mouth with her hand and Rachel tries to cry for help through her hand.

Daphne then wraps up Rachel’s eyes with the tape and mounts her, covering her mouth her hand again as Rachel struggles to escape and cry out.

Rachel then has tape covering her mouth as well as she cries on the bed. She doesn’t know what is going on, she just knows that she is powerless to stop Daphne has Daphne covers her mouth again.

Running time – 11:29



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