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Daphne has bought a new toy from a website online where tourists are grabbed and sold to the highest bidder. Her suitcase has arrived, and it is making quite the racket!

When Monica is making too much noise in the suitcase, Daphne opens it up and stuffs her mouth and cleave gags her.

Monica is then taped up with some packing tape and oil is poured onto her skin and massaged in to make her more desirable for Daphne. Daphne spends some time kissing and worshipping Monica’s feet.

Monica is then wrapped even more tightly with packing tape and Daphne has her kiss and worship HER feet this time. Daphne kisses Monica though her gag and cuddles up next to her.

This was the best purchase she has made in a long time!

Running time – 13:38



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