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For the first 5 minute video, I'd like them to wear something sporty/tight, be wearing a pair of sneakers and plain white ankle socks on both their hands and feet with the laces tied tight. They would walk into a bedroom after going for a run together, come in and do a few minutes of stretches,they talk about how they are really tired from running, then they jump onto the bed and take a nap on top of the covers.

At this point, have them take the sneakers on their hands and feet off, but leave the white ankle socks on their hands and feet. You can have them move around a lot while they are "a." And have them use the socks on their hands and move em around a bit in their and touch themselves a bit.

For the second 5 minute video, I'd like them to be wearing pajamas/bed wear,swap the sneakers that were on their feet with the ones that were on their hands in the previous video, and also plain white ankle socks on their hands. They would initially be completely under the covers except for their heads on the pillow for a few seconds, then they bring their arms up(with a sock/sneaker on their hand) and place it on top of the covers.Have them rustle with the covers like this for about 2 minutes, then have them get up, yawn into the sneakers on their hands, stretch, and admire them for a minute and say how they love wearing socks and sneakers on their hands. (be very descriptive here. Have them say lot's of things like"white socks on our hands," sneakers on our hands, sporty, athletic,etc.)

Running time – 17:02

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