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Snake Queen Diana was the ruler of Hissara for thousands of years. After eons of rule, Diana fell in love with a human on Earth. Diana decided to leave her rule to be with her love on Earth, but before she could leave, she was challenged by a rival lord, Sonja. Sonja sold her soul to a demon in order to achieve the power needed to battle Diana.  Diana was able to defeat Sonja and imprison her in a cavern of ice. We start the story with Diana on Earth as global warming has heated up not only Earth but Hissara, finally freeing Sonja from her ice prison.  Sonja vows to bring Diana back to Hissara where she belongs.Sonja travels to Earth and confronts Diana. Diana will not return to Hissara as she loves her husband, and the humans on Earth.  The two battle, but Diana is still more than a match for Sonja.Sonja enlists the powers of the demon once again, and instead of a full on frontal attack, the demon gives Sonja the power to combine her ethereal form with Diana's powerful body.Once the joining of the two powers is complete, Diana will recognize her full powers once again and be ready to take her place at the head of Hissara once again!*This film has many special FX, and focuses heavily on transformation through black magic*

Running time – 39:05

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