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"Smuggler - Vanessa Vixon" is an original story written and produced by one of the producers of Seductive Studios. I feel it is our very best production to date. This story is about two girls who happen to find out that checking in on your social media site can be very dangerous. "Smuggler" will be a multi part series and this film focuses on Vanessa Vixon. Vanessa is faced with a tough choice. What would you do if you had to choose between the life of someone you loved, or your own...As this is filmed as a movie and not your average fetish film, I recommend NOT reading below the *SPOILER* tags in order to fully enjoy the story. *****SPOILER ****


Vanessa & Daphne are outback in the yard, enjoying the sunshine. Vanessa has just checked in on her Spacebook profile that she is out back tanning, and Daphne gets a bit pissed. She tells Vanessa that it's just not safe telling the whole world where she is all the time. Vanessa tells her to relax, it's not a big deal.

Daphne leaves for work and soon Vanessa is a in the yard.She does not know that she has been targeted for a white slavery ring overseas. Boris has tracked Vanessa to her yard and knows exactly where she will be. He enters slowly and creeps up on her from behind as she s.... she is startled awake but is so confused she can barely fight back.Vanessa goes limp and Boris carries her back to his car.

The sheikh will pay a good sum of money for this one..Boris leaves in his truck with Vanessa.We fade into Boris's flat and he is on the phone with his contact as he rubs his weathered hands over Vanessa's body. He assures his contact that this job will go smoothly, not like the last time.Back at Daphne & Vanessa's house, Daphne arrives home from work several hours later.

She is upset that she got a call from the landlord that Vanessa never paid the rent. She calls for her, and eventually finds her Ipod still playing in the back yard. Vanessa never goes anywhere without her music. Concerned, Daphne phones Vanessa's friend and having no luck there, calls the police. The police can do nothing since it has only been a few hours....

*Back at Boris's flat, he awakens Vanessa and explains her plight. She is to be shipped overseas in the morning, and she has one last night left in the US. Boris can make this night very special for her if she will agree to be a good girl.Vanessa starts to cry and will not stop crying and this angers Boris to the point of her out. Not meaning to knock her out, Boris wipes away Vanessa's tears and apologizes, telling her that he doesn't get much company.

Boris removes her bikini and runs his hands up and down her body, squeezing her tits in his strong hands, pinching her pink nipples until they harden under his fingers. He moves her to a new location and handcuffs her to a wood stove. He rubs her body again before placing a swath of duct tape over her mouth.Vanessa awakens as Boris squeezes her breasts again. She cringes away from his touch and tries to squeeze into the corner.

Boris explains that he is not a bad man, and he could even save her if he chose to. It's his choice to send her to the sheikh and he could even be her hero.Vanessa cries and tells him that she just wants to go home and that Daphne is probably worried sick about her. Boris starts, and grabs her face.Who is Daphne?Boris gives Vanessa a choice. She can call Daphne and Boris can send her overseas and she will be able to stay here with him. She refuses at first ..She hesitantly agrees to call...

Daphne receives a call from Vanessa. Vanessa asks if Daphne can come pick her up because she isn't feeling good. Daphne thinks that Vanessa sounds funny, but agrees to come get her... but not before tucking some heat into the back of her jeans..

Vanessa starts to have second thoughts and gives Boris a hard time.. so he puts her out once again, and carries her over his shoulder into his workshop.She is tied into a wheelchair and told to stay put while Boris goes and takes care of some business elsewhere. She comes to after he leaves and struggles in vain against the ropes...

Boris returns from his business and inspects Vanessa's ties. He asks her if she was being a good girl, and she nods her head yes. He asks her if she promises to be a good girl, and if she does he will untie her.Vanessa asks about Daphne, and Boris laughs, telling her that the address Daphne was given wasn't this address, it was the wharf, and he has a man there waiting for.

Vanessa is crushed.Trying a new angle of escape, she agrees to be with him, and he asks her if she would like dinner with him. She suggests they skip dinner and go right to dessert.Vanessa puts her hand down his pants and starts to stroke his cock. This is what he has been waiting for all along. Finally, she has come around and he is about to have his release as she squeezes his nuts in her hand.

Boris curls over and Vanessa knees him in his face and makes a run for the door. Boris is in a fetal position on the ground, but the door is locked! Vanessa makes for a hiding spot and Boris is finally up. He tells her he loves hide & seek and starts to count to ten.Vanessa looks around for a weapon and finds a screwdriver on the floor, she readies herself for Boris and when he finds her hiding spot she lunges at his throat.

Boris catches her hand and drops her with a massive backhand. He then throws her over his shoulder and heads back to his flat.Vanessa is once again handcuffed to his bed and Boris can't help himself and rubs her body again until his phone rings. It's Yuri at the docks, he has Daphne...

Running time – 52:56

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