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Krista is outside of work taking a quick smoke break. She is not paying any attention to her surroundings and fails to notice a man watching her from across the street. She turns to walk back inside of the building when she is grabbed from behind by a leather gloved hand. She is quickly squashed until passing out. Krista awakens on a dirty basement floor where her hands and feet are taped tight, and duct tape covers her mouth. Her eyes go wide in panic and she struggles to free herself. Eventually the man returns and stands her up and grabs her tight ass with his gloved hands. Her shirt is cut off leaving her in a black bra and jeans. A chair is placed in front of her and she is sat down. He then wraps more tape around her head making it impossible to cry out for help. Krista struggles in the chair but is unable to free herself until he finally returns ...

Running time – 14:43



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