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Daphne is a hired escort who thinks she's going to work at a John's house. He has other plans for her. He has her to change into a harem's outfit and tells her that she is going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder as someone's lucky slave! Daphne is en route to her new masters house where she will be informed of her new position as his personal slave. She is to do everything that he asks of her, and do it with a smile. She will cook his dinner and do his laundry, as well as anything else he tells her to do, in any outfit that he chooses.

Slave Daphne is humiliated even more when she is made to give a webcam show to her Master's friend. After the show she is put to bed, and tied tightly so she can't escape. To add to her humiliation he leaves her with a dildo in her mouth. Nighty night. Daphne's slave story is almost over... I wonder what the rest of the day will entail for this submissive slave?

Running time – 1:08:27

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