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*Custom Video Script*She arrives at Zeds apartment for her meeting. His Lieutenants have vetted her and now she has to gain the approval of the main man. Zed fancies himself as a ladies man so when Daphne arrives he turns on the charm offensive. He could be in a silk shirt and suit pants like in the Seductive Kiss clip, something along the lines of the usual villains in Burn Notice. Daphne is in a white form fitting shirt tucked into belted jeans with boots. Her hair is tied back. He welcomes her in and looks her up and down approvingly and obviously. He is cocky and charming and suggestive. Daphne has handled guys like this before. She is coy and seductive and very confident. He tells her he is very security conscious and he has to search her. He gets her to assume the position and raise her arms, perhaps her hands are behind her head.

He runs his hands all over, lingering around her bra, her belt line, jeans pockets etc. He basically enjoys himself. Daphne takes it in her stride. Maybe she even makes a crack saying she usually gets dinner and a movie first.(Side view as he goes up and down her back and thighs and butt and then front view as he explores around her belt line and her chest.) Once he has done he tells her to unbutton her blouse.

Hands on hips she gets a little indignant now and tells him she is a professional, not one of his club girls. He tells her he needs to check her bra to see if she is wearing a wire and she can undo her shirt or hell do it himself. She complies and he boldly checks around her bra. They could have a little stare out for his with Daphne letting him know she isn't bothered.

(If Daphne is at 12 o clock, Zed is at 6 o clock and the camera is on the line of 7 o clock if that makes sense)When hes finished he strokes her sides and stomach and apologies, telling her he cant be too careful. Daphne rolls her eyes and smiles knowingly then buttons her shirt and tucks it into her jeans. He asks her if she can handle herself. She says yes. He says he needs to see for himself. He attacks her and they begin wrestling. He gets her on the floor and pins her with her arms above her head.

He tells her she isnt so tough and now he can do whatever he wants. He pins both her hands above her head and slides a fingertip down her face and neck to where her shirt is buttoned. She takes advantage of his lack of focus to reverse the hold and gets him on his back trapping him with a leg scissors around the neck.(Low side view when he pins her showing from thighs upward. You've shot the leg scissors lots of times before so you know all the cool ways to shoot that.)He taps out with a big grin and tells her she is his kind of woman. He sits down on the couch and tells her sometimes she will need to seduce an enemy to get the upper hand. Is she prepared for that. She tells him she can do whatever it takes to get the job done.

He tells her to seduce him and make it believable.(If Zed is on the couch facing 6, Daphne is standing to the side facing toward 3. Camera is at 4)She sits on his lap and flirts and then kisses him. Its pretty sexy. Most guys would think they hit the jackpot. Daphne stands back up and asks how that was. He says it was so-so. He wasn't convinced.

Daphne will not back down from a challenge. She shakes her hair free and slowly, sensually approaches him again and climbs on top of him and rubbing against him she gives him a deep slow, seductive kiss that could raise the . He gets into it and his hands start rubbing and squeezing her ass through her jeans. He comes up for air, fully convinced and very happy. Daphne is just playing a role though. She removes his hands from her butt and stands up, asking if she has passed his tests or is he going to mess about all night. He tells her she is in and he will call her when he has an assignment for her. She is about to go but he pulls her back onto his lap and this time he kisses her long and hard. He grins and tells her he had to make sure. Daphne raises an eyebrow. She sweetly tells him if he tries that again shell break his jaw. If hes stroking or caressing her here (and I guess he would be!) she doesn't bother to move his hands. He laughs and tells her shes in, shell be a great asset to his enterprise. They say goodbye and Daphne leaves.

Running time – 23:19



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