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*Custom Video Script*when Daphne finds that her foe is saying that the company is more sensual than seductive and Daphne will explain to Him what seductive is winning the contest with her seductive kisses aggressively using her seductive ways  to change his mind.    movie plot/ideas: starting in skirt, tied tops maybe not even any underwear(nudity if she likes), I like heels, Daphne explains what seductive is with kissing, caressing, sensual props(massage oil). he counters by saying your studio is sensual Daphne, I mean come on. Daphne says: you mean Seduuuuuccctive hun..she continues to do things to Seduce him, fingers marching up his thigh,playful things with her clothes.playing with hair lifting, throwing her head side to side, maybe brushing.more seductive looks from Daphne, the innocent girl how can any man resist look. as the plot unfolds she is on him now maybe pinned upright on the sofa,his arms over head as they play wrestle a bit, she always has the upper hand though, then the long extended kiss, her ultimate weapon of seduction,  a long passionate, mind numbing kiss leaves him zombie on the sofa or bed, a pleasured look on his face.the audience knowing he has been an object of Daphne's seduction,even tie him up if she wants to, how she wants to end is OK with me.  for attire as sexy as she and he want to go, I think that's a biggie for the clip,it will add to the finale of the mind numbing ending kiss. some marvelous feet in high heels would be great.   for male, he could do sexy sensual things with massage oil, expressions dialogue, telling Daphne, this oil is sensual...  maybe slap her on the butt time or two, she responds to the aggression by pinning him with her chest,arms etc.the close ups on the long kisses, loud audio of the pleasure between the two will be a key element in the movie I believe. 

Running time – 12:22

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