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Daphne plays a secretary at an office. Her boss, Lily has come to question her about some missing petty cash. She accuses Daphne and tells her that if she wants to keep her job, she must submit to a strip search. Daphne strips down nude, completely humiliated, and is further humiliated when Lily tells her that she must now bend over the chair, spread her ass cheeks and cough. If that wasn't enough, Lily makes her spread her vagina lips for inspection as well.Lily's boss walks at the end of Lily's inspection and berates Lily for disciplining Daphne without consulting him first. He puts Lily through the same humiliation that Daphne received as her punishment. But that's not enough for him, he wants her to do one more thing...Not wanting to lose her job, Lily complies with her bosses orders. She squats low over a waste basket and... utterly humiliated. He then tells the girls that if they want to keep their jobs, they need to do one more thing for them. He tells them to open his drawer and give him what's inside. Daphne is confused when she spots a pair of black gloves 2 pairs of handcuffs and 2 pairs of leg restraints. He orders the girls to put the leg restraints on, then to handcuff themselves behind their back. He then tells them to walk to him slowly and has them kneel down before him. He let's the girls plead their case before tiring of Lily's snobby attitude. He puts on his leather gloves and gives Lily a vicious backhand blow that leaves her sprawled out on the floor. Daphne cries for him to let her go but by then it's gone too far. He knees her in the stomach and she curls down on the floor. A few well placed kicks leave her writhing in pain. He then orders the girls back to their feet and marches to the wall, he then stands between them and places his gloved hands around their throats 

Running time – 22:00

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