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Agent Heather is hot on the trail of an arms dealer, Frank Tucker. She follows him to his hide out and decides to make a move. When Heather tries to apprehend Frank, she is caught by surprise as a redhead ( Jena )  appears behind her and grabs her right as she is about to capture Frank.  Jena and Frank tie up Heather with zip ties and rig the room with a timer that will ignite a fire when the time is up.Heather is left to struggle against her ties and cannot call for help as her mouth is covered with duct tape. The timer ends, the room starts on fire, and smoke pours in as Heather desperately tries to free herself. Right as things look hopeless, Jena appears and unties Heather and the two make their escape. Jena explains that she is working undercover and is also trying to capture Frank.  The girls follow Frank to his second location, and Jena goes in to talk to Frank, and see if she can get the location of the arms deal.Frank knows something is up, and KOs Jena and ties her to a chair. The gig is up! Frank sets a timer to some explosives and leaves Jena to her fate!

As Jena struggles against the rope, Heather finally decides to see what is taking so long, Jena manages to free her gag just in time to save Heather from setting off a booby trap! Heather comes in the back door and unties Jena, and the two escape the room right before the explosion! The once again trail Frank to a final location and decide to split up. Heather is taken unaware by Frank, and he holds her as a human shield as Jena arrives. Jena doesn't take the shot and drops her piece, and Frank tasers both of them out cold. The girls awake to find themselves in a store room, duct taped to chairs, and Frank has set a final trap. He lights a stick of incense and leaves it burning next to an open propane tank! Frank leaves to complete his arms deal, and the girls struggle to escape as the room fills with smoke. Jena manages to knock a glass off a nearby table, tips her chair and cuts her tape, escaping the trap! She cuts Heather loose, and the two narrowly escape the room before it blows up! Once free, they call in headquarters with the GPS location of Franks drop. 

Running time – 25:26





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