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Whitney has found out that Daphne has been having an affair with her man and she is not too happy. The girls start to talk, but things start to get weird when Whitney says she is going to eat Daphne. Daphne stands to leave, when Whitney takes out her Iphone and shows Daphne first hand how her "Shrink Me" app works.She presses a button and Daphne shrinks down to the size of a small doll, even smaller than Whitney's foot!Daphne cries out in fear and confusion in her miniature voice as Whitney raises her foot to crush Daphne.Daphne stares up into the face of the giant Whitney, and at the last step-moment, Whitney decides that she isn't going to crush Daphne underfoot, she is going to eat her!She grasps the tiny Daphne in her fingers and raises her over her mouth. Daphne stares down into Whitney's cavernous maw, and is powerless to stop Whitney and begs her to stop.Whitney drops Daphne down her gullet and Daphne's cries suddenly cease.Whitney says that she can feel Daphne slide down her throat and all the way down into her stomach.We can then hear Daphne's muffled cries from within Whitney's stomach as she is slowly digested!

Running time - 6:43



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