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Rachel is getting ready for work in her black button down shirt and black sheer pantyhose.  She is grabbed by a masked intruder that clamps a hand over her mouth! He drags her to the dining room and tapes her wrists together and packs her mouth with a rag, pulls off her skirt and rubs her panty hose clad legs.  Her mouth is then packed again and taped over with clear tape. She is placed on the table where he rubs her legs more.  She is then carried upstairs and placed on the bed where he removes her pantyhose and rubs her bare legs before placing a pair of tan pantyhose on her legs.  He rubs up and down her legs and her crotch.  A pillow case is placed over her head and he carries her over his shoulder to another room where she is wrapped up in a sheet. He rubs her legs one last time before carrying her out of the house. 

Running time - 15:59



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