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*Custom Video Script*The Predator is searching the local fields for prey. It has been almost a full week since she has eaten and her powerful stomach is grumbling with hunger. She smells something on the winds, and moves closer through the trees to investigate. A petite blonde is sun bathing in the field completely unaware that an apex predator has spotted her and is moving in for the end. Slowly creeping up from behind, the Predator's mouth starts to salivate. She can already taste this little morsel in her powerful jaws! She rips the blonde from her chair and throws her to the ground. A scuffle ensues with the Predator even letting the sunbather get the upper hand at times. She loves to play with her food. Eventually, it is time to dine, and she drags the blonde into the trees where we see her feet kick up in the air as she is eaten head first. Appetite sated for now, the Predator slowly makes her way to the blonde's chair and sits down in the sun to let her food digest, as her belly is swollen with the afternoon's meal. She burps up the bikini top from her snack...appetite sated for now..

Running time –14:24



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