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Whitney has finished with her "dinner" - Daphne - and now it's time to move onto her cheating boyfriend.When he gets home she snubs him, and tells him to listen to her stomach. He thinks she's nuts... until he puts his ear to her stomach and hears a tiny Daphne calling out for help.. INSIDE HER STOMACH! He panics and tries to make his way out, but Whitney pulls out her shrinking app and shrinks him down to a manageable size. She picks him up and taunts him, almost shoving him inside her pussy, but at the last minute decides to keep him in a cardboard box so she can play with him later.He is dropped inside, and not wanting to be cruel, she pokes holes in the box so he can breath! He can see the screwdriver impaling the box from INSIDE the box, and he jumps and squirms to avoid being hit!What's next?!!

Running time - 6:10



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