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you like my pantyhose? I know you do, there's just so much to like about them, see this pair is very sheer, it just has a cotton hem, and a little bit of reinment. Sheer legs, sheer toes, so soft! I bet you'd love to rub your face on my perfect toned legs on these toes. I bet the idea makes you very hard. haha. It does make my soles look amazing and my calves. oh and my perfect juicy round ass. You love the thought of of this thin material catching every little bit of moisture that drips down my body, and lets not forget about the little cotton panel that runs right between my legs, ummm! Pantyhose, pantyhose fetish, pantyhose fucking, pantyhose domination, pantyhose wetting, foot fetish, Star, Blond, sweating, sweat fetish

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