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Outside of Daphne's house, a man gets ready in his car.. he snaps a pair of rubber gloves onto his hands and pulls some pantyhose down over his head. He readies his bag and creeps to her front window to check inside. He spies Daphne doing her dishes, wearing a pair of yellow rubber dish gloves. He quietly lets himself in the front door...He sneaks up behind Daphne and grabs her around the neck, pulling her from the sink, into the next room.

He then drags her upstairs and places her in a er hold until she falls limp in his arms, tossing her onto the bed.He then removes her skirt and shirt leaving her in just her pantyhose, bra, heels and yellow rubber gloves. He checks her underwear drawer and removes a pair of her panties and a pair of pantyhose and throws them onto the bed next to her.

He ties her feet and hands behind her back with the pantyhose and shoves the panties into her mouth before placing duct tape over her lips. A third pair of pantyhose is stretched over her head, leaving her face pressed flat...He leaves the room to ransack the house...Daphne awakens and struggles against her bonds for several minutes. She writhes on the bed to no avail. Eventually the burglar returns

Running time - 17:46

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