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You always check me out in my office when you are supposed to be doing paperwork. You can't help it, it's my beautiful tits that have you so mesmerized. Stop staring at them and go get me some coffee! OH.. you're back? Maybe I was too harsh on you.. in fact, my boyfriend is out of town so maybe we could go out and get some dinner and drinks...Yes.. I mean a date...Hmm.. maybe I could show you these beautiful, natural tits.. right here in the office.. someone might see? Yes, they might see...Ooh, I see you're getting so hard now...Wait a second, my phone. Oh, my boyfriend, sorry looks like we're not going to be able to go on that date after all, since my boyfriend is going to take me to that special restaurant that we were going to go to.Hahaha, here is some lube, why don't you head to the men's room and take care of that big boner of yours..

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