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Jenny & Daphne work in the same office, and they hate each other! Daphne has stolen Jenny's work shoes, so she is made to walk home in her bare feet! ( several minutes of barefoot walking on hard rocks ) - when Jenny arrives home she is surprised in her bedroom and KO'd.She awakens to find Daphne standing over her, and she is tied spread eagled to the bed. Daphne taunts Jenny and punishes her by giving her multiple crotch grabs and crotch wedgies.

Daphne grabs a Hitachi and is ready to tease Jenny some more. She grabs a cane and starts to ship the bottom of Jenny's feet! Her bare feet are whipped with a cane and a riding crop as well as rubber bands while the Hitachi is shoved down her panties. At the end, Daphne has an orgasm out of Jenny with the Hitachi! Looks like she is queen bee at the office now!

Running time - 28:27



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