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Kaylee is at the office going over today's paperwork. Her phone rings, its the receptionist informing her that the new secretary is here to see her. The receptionist seems a bit upset, its because they are hiring a new secretary while the old one is still missing.

Kaylee knows where she went through into her belly!

The new secretary, Nicole arrives with her resume and Kaylee goes over her qualifications. Soon Kaylee starts to get very hands on, and reaches her hands down Nicole's pants and up and down her body! Nicole doesn't feel comfortable with this, but Kaylee tells her that if she wants the job she better do what she says.

She tells Nicole to strip down to her bra and panties and to sit on her lap as Kaylee is obviously getting aroused. Nicole straddles Kaylee's lap and Kaylee starts to kiss up and down her neck, tasting how sweet Nicole is. Quick as a snake, Kaylee strikes and Nicole cries out in shock as she is eaten head first!

We see Kaylee's throat bulge as Nicole's head slides down and her feet hang out of Kaylee's mouth as she swallows her down. Now with a huge belly, Kaylee sits back in the chair telling Nicole to keep struggling, as it will only make her cum harder! A small hiccup from Kaylee turns into a bit more as something on Nicole doesn't agree with her stomach and Kaylee regurgitates Nicole's panties onto the floor, covered in Kaylee's stomach bile. Nicole was probably the best secretary Kaylee has had in a long time!

Running time - 9:41



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