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She walks in wearing business attire (skirt, heels (closed toe if possible), nude pantyhose) and sits down on the couch. She kicks off her shoes and notices I'm staring and does a short pantyhose foot tease showing tops and soles with closeups of each. This intro part should only be the first few minutes.She strips down to nothing but the panties and is a little embarrassed to have the panties on but notices that I really like it and the idea turns her on. She poses in the panties and does some JOI until pretty much the end of the video. I'm looking for a few specific poses: rear view bent over, rear view sitting on bare heels, front view squatting knees together, front view squatting with legs spread (my favorite, would love this part extended with some close ups as well), and laying on back with legs spread. Please concentrate on showing the crotch area of the panties during the posing both full body shots and close ups. Other than those poses feel free to explore any other poses along the lines of spreading and bending over. It is very important that the panties not be allowed to ride up or bunch up during the posing.At the very end of the video, she removes the panties and shows me the crotch area asking me to smell and finish. It would be great to get a pussy shot too at some point after the panties are removed.


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